Three Heads Are Better Than One.

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Three heads are better than one. We made it. The hectic, overwhelming, but charming holiday season is over. Took me a solid month to catch up but thankfully I had my two MVP of the Year award winners by my side, and in credit to them, we…

To Staff, Or Not To Staff?

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…That is the question. Everyone is capable of being a host and having a great party. However, it is those people that are willing to go the extra mile to really impress their guests, that are truly a great party host. We’ve all been to “that guy’s”…

Not Being A Ween On Halloween!

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All Hallows Eve is approaching and here at R.E.D. we have a message for the people to cool for decorations and costumes… Chill out Zach Morris. 
The truth of the matter is, you are just bummed that you can’t go trick-or-treating anymore. I know it was…