“Forgive me Harvey’s for I have sinned…”

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It’s been 27 years since my last confession. Today I have committed acts of treachery. I willfully betrayed Burger King, Wendy’s, McDonald’s and even the little burger spot in High Park I frequent in the summer time. I found myself much deeper than anticipated, I…


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It’s just a Tip? …Think again. What the majority of the general public does not realize is that although tipping isn’t legally required nor is it mandatory, it is considered a personal insult to leave little or no tip. You will have your server crying…

Naughty or Nice?

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Xmas season is here and there is no better time to induldge guilt free! Let all those holiday functions and celebrations be naughty! Exploit xmas and enjoy the perks….candy, cookies, cakes, and our favorite….cocktails! The endless list of bevys to serve up at your holiday party is…