The Yogi Server

The Yogi Server

Posted by Matt in Blog, Uncategorized 30 Jul 2014

It’s no secret that the Hospitality industry can be a high stress and high anxiety place of work. How do the servers and bartenders always keep it together? How do they always looks so calm and collected almost like they are serving drinks poolside on a resort and enjoying a vacation themselves? Well the smart ones breathe, they take a minute to reflect and then… Namaste.

The ability to understand people, demonstrate humility, and have patience is not an easy feat, but with work and training it is possible to produce that “Zen” level of service. Being in this industry you learn certain life skills that you can take with you throughout a daily routine and this ‘Zenability’ is an asset with anything you decide to do.

That’s exactly why R.E.D chose to collaborate with the inspiring and talented Julie Zuzek of The Corporate Yogi ( The program takes an organic and pragmatic approach to team building, and applies it to a corporate structure. Amazingly, Julie personalized a full day, which she created to target our team’s specific needs. Not only do we have a ton of fun doing it, we found that the program enhanced each individual’s confidence level, and brought us all closer to leading teams with great success.

We started our seminar with a yoga class to bring everyone together, burn some energy, and get our blood flowing. Following this energy exchange, we indulged in a health inspired lunch (Big Thanks to Shontelle and Rose City Kitchen! Finally, we sat for a 3-4 hour seminar (Duration depends on how deep, and creative your team gets… and in our case how many happy tears are shed!). Here we learned to find our voice, enhance our individual/team strengths, build on our inter-colleague communicate tools, and how to foster the potential in each member of your team. Julie embodies these very traits and is an incredible representation of this lifestyle. Smiling and encouraging others to adapt her secrets of success seems to be her strong suit. Our team left inspired and refreshed with a new set of life tools, and a stronger sense of Namaste in the work place.


If you don’t believe us, check out this video of us having a Yoga laugh!

Thank you Julie we love you!