YOU’RE only as good as YOUR team!

YOU’RE only as good as YOUR team!

Posted by Matt in Blog 16 Jul 2014

As an entrepreneur it’s part of your job as a business owner to be constantly testing new people and products in your field. Trying new things and potentially paying the price. Literally. The up side is that if you stick around the campfire long enough, you will start to build a network that is tried, tested, and true.

I take enormous pride in the amazing talent I have come across in building R.E.D. These people are quintessential in establishing our brand and also helping add tools to my entrepreneurial utility belt along the way. After some serious grinding and large quantities of RED wine, we have developed a perfect balance of creativity and professional understanding. I would now like to introduce some very solid individuals, who through their integrity and their work, I strongly stand behind.

You need what these people have. End of story.

Matt Power – Dodd Motors Creative  – Facebook – Twitter: @MattFJPower

Wicked creative, and charming like you wouldn’t believe, Matt’s behind the scene logistic skills are next level.  He has mastered the fundamentals of building and stabilizing a brand, and works with your business to develop advertising strategies. On top of that he is also an accomplished video producer… he has what I like to say, “it all figured out”.

*Side note: He also discovered that putting Dill in your turkey stuffing is pure magic. Like I said he’s next level.


 Shlomi Amiga – Shlomi Amiga Photography – FacebookTwitter @ShlomiPhoto

Every so often we hear of a new “artist of our generation” this is my vote. Shlomi has cutting edge visions, and he is the candid king! I have yet to meet a photographer who just sees an opportunity for a photo before it happens. One of the sweetest human beings I have worked with, he is also wise in his entrepreneurial ways. He taught me that “Hands Shaking Hands” is a true testament to a long standing working relationship, but more importantly a friendship.

All our web and media photos are courtesy of Shlomi. My cruddy blackberry photos on twitter/FB excluded!


Diego Silva – Otitis Digital – FacebookTwitter @OtitisDigital

Diego a perfect example of a web designing genius! Diego has an eye to connect with brands and voice them through websites, and is extremely talented at making the backend “science” of a webpage make sense to us regular people. If that isn’t complicated I don’t know what is! This guy is a creative whiz-bang who makes taking on the daunting task of building a website fun for your company.

If you are reading this you are on our website, super neat right? Thanks Diego!