Happiness at work matters. How you feel while you’re on the job not only affects your work, it can also take a toll on your personal life.

And so, we’re taking steps to ensure that all West Egg Group employees feel heard and are working within a supportive and compassionate environment.

That’s why we’re recruiting for an Employee Happiness Manager — someone dedicated to supporting employee well-being at work. 

Why hire an Employee Happiness Manager? 

We want to ensure that all members of our team enjoy coming to work and feel fulfilled by their contributions — and we understand that at times, personal and professional obstacles can cause discontentment and disengagement, interfering with productivity and personal satisfaction. 

To help each of our team members be their best and achieve their goals, we’re implementing a new role focused solely on employee well-being.

What will the Employee Happiness Manager do?

This individual will be an ambassador to all employees, dedicated to ensuring happiness at work. Their responsibilities include:

  • Connecting with staff frequently on a 1:1 basis by phone call, text, or email
  • Supporting positive outcomes by providing staff in-need with solutions whenever possible
  • Conducting new hire training sessions showcasing TWEG core values and support system
  • Guiding employees on how to use their health benefits 
  • Recognizing and spotlighting employee achievements 

We’re on the look-out

This role requires the perfect fit — someone who is not only a people-person, but a self-starter and all-around positive force.

Specific experience isn’t a prerequisite, however we are looking for someone with diverse experience in fields such as:

  • Customer service
  • Hospitality
  • Human Resources
  • Teaching
  • Motivational speaking/self-help 

We’re currently searching for candidates with the unique skill set and aptitude to excel at supporting our teams. Stay tuned for a formal introduction and more details on this exciting new initiative.

If someone amazing comes to mind when you read these requirements, we’d love to meet them! You can share the entire job description on Indeed here and invite them to apply.